The Final Countdown

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Melanie Eftoff

The Final Countdown

Us “detroitSHOPers” are making the final countdown towards our last presentation due date this week! It seems as though it was just yesterday we came Downtown for our first meeting of the many more to come. Since that first Monday morning, we have all been working around the clock, developing new ideas and strategies towards a new urban strategy for Detroit. Seeing everyone’s projects grow and develop over the past few months has been very exciting and all of us are very eager to see the final outcomes next Monday!

Having the opportunity to explore such a great city has given the studio a countless amount of inspiration towards the final projects. Growing up just a short drive outside of the city, I can sadly say I haven’t taken advantage of the wonderful and exciting stories and experiences Detroit has to offer. After a few months of wandering the city streets and learning about the history behind buildings, art, and the urban area, it is truly amazing to realize what great traditions and memories Detroit has created over the years, just outside of our studio door.

Not only has the city brought new perspectives and inspiration to us as Detroiters, but the studio and cityscape have also created new friendships for us along the way. As Architecture, Interior Architecture, Graphic Design and Business students, we have come together as a whole to work towards creating new memories and beginnings for ourselves, Detroit and its city dwellers. I feel very thankful and proud to be working with such a great group of students and professors in such a great city!

-Melanie Eftoff

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